Why you should try cougar dating

When it comes to dating most people will consider someone that is their own age. This is fine for some, but I personally believe that everyone should consider the benefits of dating someone that is older at some point. I have tried cougar dating, and I believe that it is one of the best things that I could have done because it gives me access to a woman that is older and much more experienced than I am when it comes to life. I have found that dating a cougar is so much more enjoyable because they are much more mature than most women my age.

Higher Levels of Maturity

Lots of men that are dating cougars will agree that this is the way to go. I love the fact that I can engage in cougar dating with women that are independent. They have their own money, and they are not locked down to social media and text messaging.

People have always considered me to be someone that was mature for my age. I am someone that believes in the basic principles of dating. I know that smartphone technology has advanced, but I still believe that it takes a phone conversation or a meeting in person to actually get to know someone. This is something that I share in common with the generation of cougar women even though I am younger than they are. I think that it is this type of bonding that allows me to really see the benefits of dating a cougar.

Finding Cougars On the Web

The great thing about dating a cougar is that there are websites that allow you to find someone that is interested in this. I definitely believe that people should go directly to a website for establishing relationships with cougars because the Internet just makes it so much easier.

It can be very difficult for anyone that is trying to date someone that is older to find these women in a bar or a club. What I have gained from my own experience is that many cougars are past the clubbing stage in their lives. They have full-time jobs, and most of their hanging out is with family or friends. They are seldom seen outside of their homes when it comes to the women I have dated. This may be another reason that I’m fond of cougars. I’ve always considered myself to be a homebody and many of these women that have matured in age and have gotten past the point where they feel the need to party throughout the week.

Someone I Can Depend On

I think a lot of men will also find cougars to be much more dependable then younger women that they may be dating. This is definitely the case when it comes to women that I have relationships with that are older. It is a good thing to have someone in your corner that you can trust. It is good to have someone that has experience under her belt when it comes to living life. That is the thing that I like the most about dating an older woman. She is able to help me see a better perspective on things that I’m doing when it comes to my health and financial matters. She has already been in a place where she has made some of the mistakes that I was making before I started dating cougars. These older women gave me a better perspective on how I should conduct myself and how I should handle my finances.

Endless Benefits That Come with Dating a Cougar

These things are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dating an older woman. I have discovered that older women are also going to be much more likely to cook for their men while younger women are always trying to go out. Older women are going to be much more logical when it comes to handling relationships because they already have relationship experience.

Younger women tend to nag and run men away because they don’t have experience with relationship matters. The benefits of a dating a cougar are endless because of the maturity level that these women are on. The simple fact that they are concerned about happy making their man happy makes all the difference in the world. I have definitely learned that it is easier to build bridges with an older woman that knows what I like. The Cougars are just much more compassionate.

5 Ways Outside of the Bar to Meet a Cougar

When it comes to cougar dating, I have discovered that you have a better chance of finding the alphas when you know where to look. The cougar comes in two classes, the alpha wants to find a young stud to dominate in bed, the beta wants you to make her feel better about herself. I used to try and fight a dozen guys at the bar for a shot at one alpha cougar, now they all come to me.

These are the best ways to find a cougar outside of the bar scene.

1. The Dog Park

Most cougars don’t have a man at home to take care of their pooch, so they usually take them to the dog park to allow them to stretch their legs. These cougars rarely if ever get approached at the dog park because most guys at these locations are too timid or already married. I found that if I spot the same woman at the dog park, it is a breeze to walk up to her because she feels this is a safe setting. I usually start complementing her dog, then some small talk, and I leave her wanting more.

I don’t fall all over myself, I just chat her up, and tell her to give me her number and I might call her. Usually, she hits me up before the night is over because she is wondering why I didn’t fall all over her.

2. The Local Gym

The cougar is always going to be close to a gym if she wants to maintain her incredible body. Hooking up with younger guys means she has to look her best to compete with the little bimbos that rarely exercise and look like toothpicks. What I do is make my move at the gym but I never lay it on too thick. I compliment her on her routine, tell her that I think she’s cute, and tell her I’m heading out for a coffee if she wants to join me.

If she can’t, I leave her my number and tell her if she wants to connect that I’m available around the clock. My phone usually rings midnight that evening.

3. The Coffee Shop

I can spot a cougar at the coffee shop a mile away. The best part about meeting the cougar at the coffee shop is she is usually with her girlfriends. Cougar dating is all about letting her think she has the control, so I approach her table and ask her situation. When she tells me she is available, I tell her that I might be free this weekend if she is up for an adventure.

When she asks what type adventure, I reply with something silly like going to the library or going bowling, then I wink at her.

4. The Supermarket

The cougar has to eat, and if she is shopping at the supermarket, I can tell her situation just looking in her cart. Once I determine she is on the prowl, I ask her if she needs anyone to help prepare that food for her. After I get a giggle and a smile, I slip her my number and tell her that it is a shame that two gorgeous people must eat alone this week. When I walk away, I remind her that I am an awesome chef, but I do like to cook naked.

She can’t stop smiling, and more importantly, she can’t stop thinking about me until she calls that night.

5. The Bike/Running Trails

If the cougar is not at the gym, then she is riding the bike trails at the park or running the pathways. The cougar wants a guy who is not only in shape, but confident too. When I spot the cougar alone on the trails, the number one thing I do is try not to scare them or have them feel like I am stalking them. I wait until there are people around so she feels safe, then I ask if she would mind running or riding with me because I hate talking to myself in the park.

If she resists, I run into her the next day and remind her that I offer personal training lessons in a more private setting, give her my number, and wait for the call.

The cougars that you find in the bar are being chased by a dozen guys who have no shot at getting anywhere. Increase the odds in your favor by finding cougars in those places they love to hang out where the competition is non-existent.